“The coolant temperature in my 1957 Bentley would sit at about 80 on the open road, but as soon as I encountered slow moving traffic it would quickly rise to 90. If I were stuck in the traffic for more than ten minutes the temperature would rise to 100 and boil over. There was nothing I could do but pull over and wait it out. Most embarrassing. After installing Evans coolant the engine still gets hot in traffic, but remains totally stable. And as soon as the traffic starts moving again the temperature recovers quickly back down to normal”


“Even though the Kenlowe fan and new radiator keep the engine cool, I’ve got some Evans Waterless Coolant for extra protection and to keep the twin alloy heads free from corrosion (1963 Daimler SP250) I’ve used it on my ’61 E-Type and it’s lowered the gauge running temperature by quite a bit. All the specialists and owners who’ve used it reckon it’s a breakthrough in old car cooling” – Quentin Willson, Classic Cars magazine, April 2013.